Our modpacks

Every month RecallGaming publishes new modpacks. All of the modpacks listed in the menu above, are regulary updated and have an official server. If you want to play on older modpacks of Recallgaming, click here

How to install our modpacks

Step 1

Download the Technic Launcher. Click here

Step 2

Install Java 8, 64 bit. Click here

Step 3

Launch the Technic launcher

Step 4

Copy the installation api of the modpack you want to play from our website

Step 5

In the Technic launcher, click on modpacks and paste the installation api in the search bar

Step 6

Click on play and hit the like button. Thats it!

We love Discord

We love Discord, we use Discord as our primary communication system. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, contact staff or just chat with other players, join our Discord channel.

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